Arba minim Set


Each set includes:
*Etrog Chazon Ish, B’hechsher Rabbi Nissim Carlitz.
*Lulav Deri, B’hechsher Rabbi Rosenfeld.
*Hadas Kas,Three Hadasim B’hechsher Rabbi  Moshe Brandsdorfer.
*Lulav rings.
All product comes in a closed package.
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Etrogei Chazon Ish refers to those Etrogim known to be free from any suspicion of graft implanting or cross-breeding which would invalidate them. It acquired this name since the first Etrogim from these accredited orchards came from the Etrog that the Chazon Ish himself would use. Lulavei Deri are known as the finest species of Lulavim grown today in Eretz Yisroel. Best noted for their quality and beautiful shape and in particular for their accurate alignment of the twin top leaves.
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אתרוג חזו"א/תימני


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