Let us introduce you to our company

Vesamachtah is a new name for a new company with many years of experience behind it. Sound strange? Let us explain.
We work only with some of the oldest and most reputable names in the arba minim business. What we’ve done is to bring together the best of all these names, to present you with a package deal, together with unbeatable quality and service delivered to your door.
Our main office is located in U.S.A with a branch in Israel and possibility of world-wide shipping, depending on quantity.
In 2020, due to the limitations of the virus in so many countries, we offered for the first time to order arba minim plus accessories on-line with door to door delivery. Due to the high demand, we have decided to continue to offering to order the arba minim on-line with door to door delivery each year.
Since we work only with reputable and experience first-line supplies, literally from the fields to your door, we are confident in supplying you with first-class product at the best price, with great service.
At  your service
The Vesamachtah crew.

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Phone: 052-401-7589

Email: office@vesamachta.co.il